Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Kitchen, Taqueria and Terrace?

The Restaurant is a relaxed, contemporary space complemented by the seafood delicacies on offer such as Tuna Tartare, Sydney Rock Oysters, Grilled Prawns, balanced with heartier dishes such as Lamb Rump, Scotch Fillet and the Estate Double Cheese Burger. The menu boasts a range of items from small to large, cold + raw, from the sea & land, all designed to share or to indulge in alone. 

For something a little more fun, the casual and flirty Taqueria is always serving up south-of-the-border style classics like tacos, nachos and ample guac. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get together with mates and enjoy our creative cocktail list, thoughtful local wine list and a range of cold brews. Our margaritas in particular are our signature that should not be missed.

The Terrace is our outdoor oasis complete with daybeds and bleachers – the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy being right on the beach, while relaxing with a cocktail or cold beer served straight out of our bespoke Airstream. During the summer months, weekends at the Terrace are pumping with live music and laidback vibes.

Can I book out a space for a Private Event?

Of course! Whether your after a birthday dinner, office party, or any kind of celebration – Estate has spaces perfect for any occasion.

Take a look at our Private Events Kit. Get in contact with us via events@estatecoogee.com

What time is Estate open?

Taqueria & Dining
Monday – Friday 4pm ’till late
Saturday + Sunday 12pm ’till late

Friday 4pm ’till late
Saturday + Sunday 12pm ’till late

Takeaway Taco’s
Monday – Friday 4pm ’till late
Saturday + Sunday 12pm ’till late

How long does the canape service go on for?

For private events, the time frame for the canape service is dependent on a number of factors; capacity, style of event, food selection. For more information, speak to our events team.

Can I remove items to reduce the price? What is negotiable / removable on the menu

Yes, we can offer a reduced set sharing menu which allows you to remove certain items. Please speak with our Event team on what we can do for you.

Can I make a canape item more substantial, and what is the pricing for this?

We have 3 different offers for our canape service depending on how many our customers wish to order. Alternatively, if you would like something more substantial, we now offer sliders.

How is the sharing menu served?

The first course is the first dish to come out, followed by the second, then third. If you have dessert on your set menu, that will be the final dish to come out. 

How many canapes per item / how many people per plate?

SYDNEY ROCK OYSTER – 3 shared between 2

KINGFISH CRUDO – 1 per person

TUNA TARTARE – 1 per person

SCALLOP SASHIMI – 1 per person

QLD PRAWN COCKTAIL – 1 per person

CRUDITES – This is served as a platter

STRACCIATELLA – 1 per person

BAKED SCALLOP – 1 per person

GRILLED QLD PRAWN – 1 per person

ROASTED CAULIFLOWER – 3 shared between 2

CHARRED STREET CORN – 3 shared between 2

JALAPENO POPPERS  – 3 shared between 2

MAC & CHEESE CROQUETTES – 3 shared between 2

If we have dietaries for the canapes, do we need to pick specific dishes to cater for this, or will this be catered for?

Absolutely! We would be more than happy to work with you and your guests to ensure that their specific dietary needs are met. Please let our Events team know about any dietary requirements so that we can ensure that everyone has a fantastic experience.

What substitutes are available for Vegetarian / Vegan?

We’ve got you covered! For our vegetarian and vegan friends, we’ve got a variety of delicious substitutes available to ensure that you can enjoy. Our Events team will be happy to work with you to confirm which alternatives will best suit your dietary needs.